MYSTERIES: A 500 Year Old Chinese City on Cape Breton Island? THERE’S MORE!!


In case you haven’t heard, Cape Bretoner Paul Chiasson wrote a book some years ago, claiming an ancient Chinese village exists on his island. Many “experts” have disputed his claim while others find it compelling. But is it true?

Well now, it seems there is more evidence out of Newfoundland where Ron Ryan … another Islander … claims the remains of an ancient Chinese ship still exits.

The only known intact examples of the Chinese ships associated with the great fleet are restingon the ocean bottom at the north east coast of Newfoundland Island. Nowhere else in the world are there, presently known, unmistakable large ships that might be identified as the ships of the great Chinese Treasure Fleet. Based on the balance of probabilities, one would be confident in declaring that these ships are from the great Chinese fleet of 1405 – 1435.To conclude, it seems clear that in the inner ocean waters on the north east coast of Newfoundland Island are the oldest decked ships in existence, and at least some of them are substantially intact.

Read all about it in these two articles:

Click to access mysteries-a-500-year-old-chinese-city-on-cape-breton-island-really.pdf

And more recently:

Click to access does-newfoundland-have-the-oldest-intact-ancient-ships-in-the-world.pdf

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