HISTORY: The Environmental Health of the St. Croix Estuary after 400 Years



ART PRINTS: The Inuit Collection Begins.


I really enjoy native art and have been collecting images for years … cards, calendars, prints, and whatever takes my eye. Today, I began the process of digging out the first batch to have ready for the Gallery in the Garage on April 15th and 16th. They have been cleaned up and upcycled into framed prints, standalone cards, and small art pieces. Here’s some pics taken today.

See them all at Art’s Place, 5474 Route 127, Bocabec Cove, NB, April 15th and 16th, 10 AM to 4 PM.

ARTISTS: How to create illustrations FAST and earn what you are worth

How to create illustrations FAST and earn what you are worth


8 pages, published 3/27/2017

Today, computers have made the whole process so much easier and all phases of illustration and design are available to everyone and I for one jumped into this at the earliest possible time. But I always preferred the look and feel of a hand-painted work over the digital renderings that are used today. Fortunately, I discovered the quickest way to completion is to drive the illustration back and forth between computer and manual rendering.

Website & Ecommerce Mania


I’ve been all over the map. I’ve tried Google sites, Blogger, WordPress, Medium, and sundry other possible places for my “Art’s Place” website. Interestingly enough each one has its assets and liabilities … so far I haven’t found a perfect app, although WordPress stand-alone is certainly the closest. After descending into near total confusion, I decided to list the essential criteria I needed.

  1. COST. Since I hope a family member will take over this effort, I want the site to be essentially cost free. Choice boiled down to blogger.com and wordpress.com. Other free sites like medium.com don’t provide the essential format.
  2. SPACE. Almost all apps charge more as you require more bandwidth … space to store your stuff. Only blogger.com seems to have no limit while wordpress.com has a relatively small free limit. Since I have a ton of materials that needs some place to go, space is not the only criterion. You need to be able to retrieve these items and the blog platform is not  really suitable for a library style operation.
  3. EASE OF USE: I wanted something that a total amateur could run. While blogger.com will do almost everything you need, it does require some continual learning. A free WordPress site on the other hand is much easier to learn and provides the page/menu format I need as well as a simple blog to communicate with followers.

Long-story-short – I’ve chosen wordpress.com for the website with links to facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social media sites. A simple announcement or product post will find its way to all of these key sites.

Now what to do about all the stuff. I’ve hunted hard for a place that handles a broad range if items and there are any number of them … but they all charge in someway for a listing or by the month. My search was strictly for a place that is free or applies its charge only when the sale take place. As far as I can tell there isn’t a single place that will do it all. So I have chosen the best for the types of items.

  1. PAYPAL – The simplest and best way to keep track of your sales and accounting. Well known and reliable.
  2. ART – Fine Art America provides excellent selling services and it’s my choice for artwork
  3. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES – And the winners are: kijiji.com and Ebay.ca (although the listings are limited to 50 per month).
  4. BOOKS & DOCUMENTS – There are boxes and boxes of books and documents to sell. Some are rare and valuable … some are just good reads. After trying many options, ebooks and print on demand are going to Magcloud.com and downloadable references to scribd.com. We are also currently testing albiris.com …  a major international book seller.

We hope you will join us in our virtual downsizing adventure.


Downsizing Fun


After building websites and blogs for years and years, I currently find myself with a bunch of relatively active sites. But, the time has come to streamline it all.

It’s time to sell the farm as it where.

Our property needs to go on the market shortly and a half centuries worth of art, antiques, collectibles, and books needs to go on the market ASAP. This site is the first step in my attempt to downsize the internet presence.

At the moment it’s looking like one art site, one book site, one document site and a gallery in the back building here in Bocabec for the physical stuff … antiques, art collection, upcycled items and the plain old ordinary yard sale items that still have value for someone.

If you are interested in the property here in Bocabec or have some ideas about our inventory, get in touch. Pickers are welcome.