COLOR & LEARN – Common Bivalve Mollusca – CLIP ART

Bivalvia is a class of marine molluscs that have a shell consisting of two hinged parts. They include the clams, oysters, cockles, mussels, scallops, and numerous other families that live in salt water. The majority are filter feeders. Most bivalves bury themselves in sediment where they are relatively safe from predation. Others lie on the seafloor or attach themselves to rocks or other hard surfaces. Some bivalves, such as the scallops can swim. The shipworms bore into wood, clay, or stone and live inside these substances. Zip file contains: 17 vintage bivalve mollusk clips and printables to paint or color, 11 x 17 poster and reference links.

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“Color and Learn” collections include line drawings and supporting information that can be used by graphic designers and as a student learning experience for teachers on all levels. Copyright is held by Art MacKay. Images may be used for personal, educational and commercial use if incorporated into a product. Images may not be resold in any form.


Download the images to your computer and print them on a good quality paper. Remember inkjet inks may run if you are using watercolor or acrylic paint, so check a print to determine whether or not this will be a problem. Crayons are ideal and pastels and chalks work as well but should be fixed with clear acrylic spray when finished.


Assign a specific image to each student. Have them find a color reference image online and at the same time research the topic and produce a short report. When the class is finished have each student present their drawings and report on the image. When this is concluded combine the images and reports into a single publication for reference and distribution.

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